Monday, July 22, 2013

14ers4Kids 2013

Saturday I was blessed with the opportunity to again stand on the summit of a beautiful mountain.  It was one of the most scenic summits I have ever been on.  I climbed solo and it was only me and a marmot on top. Mt Sneffels stands 14,150 ft tall and is in the San Juan Mountain range.  It was the first of 12 peaks I will attempt this year dedicated to the 12 kids that this project was able to place into foster homes last year.  Read about 2 of them below.
View from summit of  Mt Sneffles
This project is more about supporting these children than supporting me and climbing mountains.  This is my way to get your attention about these children who need someone on their side.
I often climb solo and love it, just me and the mountain...however "Mt Fundraising" is a mountain I can't climb alone!  To continue to support these kids, I need your help.  Join and climb with me, start your own climb or other type personal challenge or just donate to help the kids!

Meet the kids!

ZanMin is climbing!
ZanMin, is 4 years old and developmentally delayed. When she arrived at her foster home she couldn't even stand up, but now with help from therapy and lots of practice at home, she is walking and even climbing stairs!

MinLan, is 10 years old and also developmentally delayed but has really come out of her shell being around her new family. Her foster mom says, "she is very kind-hearted and she is bonding well in our family"...a loving family; I think that is really all a kid needs! 

MinLin is loving life!
My hope is to be able to continue to support them and as many of the 10 others as we can this year with the 14ers4Kids project.  

Over the next few weeks I will be climbing (or attempting) 12 14,000 ft peaks and will be dedicating these climbs to these 12 kids.  If you can find it in your heart to help support these beautiful children, please make a donation HERE!  

Get involved! I will soon post a list of the peaks (and approximate dates) that I am planning to climb and I invite you to join me and dedicate your climb to helping.  Or create your own personal challenge and dedicate it to helping these children.  Some peaks will be perfect for the beginner or first time 14er climber, others will be more advanced and difficult, so some experience climbing would be a good idea.  For more info on the climbs and how to get involved CLICK HERE!

More to come on how you can get involved and climb for kids!

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